Tattoo Vanish Removal

What is Tattoo Vanish All Natural, Non-Laser Tattoo Removal?

Coco Beauty Bar & Medical Spa is proud to introduce Tattoo Vanish to the Baton Rouge area. Tattoo Vanish is the best tattoo removal system available. It is a one-of-a-kind non-surgical method that is free of acids and toxins.

Tattoo Vanish has a 3-step delivery system, and while it’s not nearly as painful as laser tattoo removal, it’s still not very comfortable. The first step of the procedure is to relieve some of this pain with a local anesthetic applied by one of our certified techs.

After the client has had time to numb, the next step of the removal procedure is going over the area with a tattoo machine, in much the same way as the tattoo was applied, using lido gel to numb and open up the dermis to allow the ink eraser access to the tattoo ink.

The ink eraser solidifies the ink and pulls it to the surface of the skin to form a thick scab that will fall off over the next couple of weeks. Once the technician has gone over your skin with the tattoo machine, the last step is to apply an ink eraser to the skin once more to help wash away the ink.

The whole process takes around ten minutes, and once the area is cleaned and covered up, the client is free to leave.

A before and after picture of the back of someone 's tattoo.
A before and after picture of the same patient 's eyes.