Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are Eyelash Extensions?  
Eyelash extensions are the application of synthetic or real mink lashes to your natural lash. Eyelash extensions add length, curl, and volume to your natural lashes and can be customized to enhance and draw attention to your eyes. Extensions come in a variety of thicknesses, lengths and colors (although black is most common to give the mascara look)

Do Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes? 
A properly trained and certified lash artist knows how to select and apply appropriate eyelash extensions based on the length and strength of your natural lash. Your lash artist’s first priority should be to preserve your natural lash and eye health. Your eyelash extensions should never hurt or cause your natural lash to break off. It is recommended to never pull or tug on your eyelash extensions so as not to damage the natural lash. Your extensions will shed with your natural lash cycle.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last? 
With proper at-home care, the adhesive will last anywhere from six to eight weeks. However, you do lose three to five natural lashes every day, so after an average of two to three weeks, most clients will want to come in for a touch-up to keep their lashes looking full. There are many factors that could affect the retention of your extensions including improper home care, not cleaning the lash line, oily eyelids, the use of oil-based products on or around the eye line, medications, allergies, thyroid, or hormonal issues, lifestyle, seasonal changes, a natural heavy lash shed, and more. If you do run into an issue with your retention, please contact us so we can troubleshoot and discuss next steps.

Can I Wear Makeup/Mascara? 
The eyelash extensions and the adhesive are both deep black to give the appearance of mascara and often times eyeliner, so makeup is not really necessary. If you do decide to wear makeup/mascara, avoid oil-based and waterproof products as those will break down the adhesive faster. The most important bond of the eyelash extension and the natural lash is at the base so mascara may be worn on the tips of the extensions which can allow you to go an extra few days before your touch up and straighten any lazy lashes.  We have oil-free/extension friendly mascaras and eyeliners for your purchase and convenience.

How Do I Clean My Eyelash Extensions? 
It is necessary to clean and brush your lashes/lash line daily to prevent eye irritation, infection, blepharitis or other eye health issues. To do so, use an oil-free makeup remover on your lash line/extensions to fully remove any makeup and debris in the lashes line so to keep your eyes healthy ad allow the lashes to perform their primary function of keeping things out of your eyes. We retail a lash aftercare kit that includes a proper cleanser, mascara and aftercare products that are gentle and safe on the natural lash and extension adhesive.

How Are We Different? 
At Coco Lash Beauty Bar we are certified medical aestheticians and certified lash artists. Our primary focus and specialty is ensuring your natural lash health. If at any point your medical aesthetician observes damage being done to your natural lashes or it is assumed that the extensions are too heavy for your natural lash, adjustments will be made and discussed to ensure your natural lash health is protected. If ever you are concerned about the process or your natural lashes, we request you to make an appointment for a consultation so we can address all concerns. Our patients feeling comfortable, confident and having an enjoyable experience is our main concern.

How Do I Care For My Eyelash Extensions?  

  • Do not perm or tint lashes after eyelash extension application
  • Do not use regular eyelash curlers to curl extensions (this could break off the extensions and damage your natural lash.
  • The extensions have a strong curl to them and you may always request to go curlier and your next appointment if necessary)
  • Do not rub your eyes or lashes. Use your mascara wand or a microfiber brush (lip wand) to help with any itchiness.
  • If you choose to wear mascara – only apply to the tips and use water-based mascara that washes off easily. Do not wear waterproof mascara.
  • Do not try to remove the eyelash extensions on your own, please schedule an appointment with us to safely remove your extensions so as to not damage your natural lashes.
  • Do not cut the extensions (you may cut your skin or natural lashes).
  • Clean your eye makeup off daily with oil-free makeup remover. After rinsing the lashes, brush the lashes down to straighten them and then brush them up to fluff.
  • Come in every 2-4 weeks for a touch up to keep your lashes looking full and to have grown-out or wonky lashes removed.
  • Never tug, twist, pick or pull at your lashes or extensions.
  • Treat your eyes gently – as if you have makeup on you don’t want to smudge.
  • Brush and groom your lashes gently with a disposable mascara spoolie or eye shadow brush.
  • Try to sleep on your back or side with your eyes off of the pillow, avoid smashing your lashes as you sleep if possible.
  • Avoid oil-based creams, lotions, and serums around the eye area if possible, and never apply on your eyelid as these products could sweat or rinse down into your lashes and eye.
  • If you must touch your lashes or eyes, always use upward sweeping motions (no side to side rubbing at the lash line).