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Nova Lash Extensions are a glamorous way to enhance the length, curliness and fullness of natural eyelashes. With Nova Lash extensions, lash curlers and mascara are a thing of the past. You can wake up everyday feeling confident and beautiful, all while saving time in your morning routine! Nova Lash uses medical grade glue that is oil resistant and waterproof. There is no need to change your daily skincare routine or makeup routine due to the adhesive. Because each tapered, synthetic mink lash is bonded to a single natural lash, the final result is effortlessly glamorous and difficult to detect, even close up.

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Eyelash Extensions

​Coco Lash Beauty Bar exclusively offers mink lash extensions to its Baton Rouge clients. Mink eyelash extensions are the highest-quality and most natural-looking lash extensions on the market. Our certified lash artists will consult with you to create your custom look.

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*Your eyelash extensions will last forever with routine refills. Refills should be maintained every 2-3 weeks to preserve your initial lash quantity. Refills over 4 weeks past the initial application will be considered a full set and will be charged accordingly.

Classic Lash Extensions: $175

The Classic set offers a single synthetic mink eyelash extension to a single natural lash. A variety of lengths, thicknesses and curls will be used to offer the most flattering lashesto your unique eye shape. Our classic set is great for those who are tired of putting on mascara and just want to wake up and go. Think of this set as the perfect lengthening and volumizing mascara and lash curler all in one.

60 minutes – $75
90 minutes – $115

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions: $275

Not sure if Volume or Classic is right for you? Why not try them both? This is where most people start as it is a great blend of length and fullness. This gives you more than just the “Mascara Look” of Classic, it also gives your lashes some depth and texture giving you the look of eyeliner and mascara combined.

60 minutes – $95
90 minutes – $135

Volume Eyelash Extensions: $325

The Volume set is the best of the best! Volume eyelash extensions use a lightweight 10D lash. Volume lashes are  great for those who have weak, brittle or damaged natural lashes as we can customize the weight and number of extensions to be healthiest for your natural lash. This set is also ideal for those who have great natural lashes but are used to wearing a lot of eye makeup or strip lashes. The more natural lashes you have, the bolder the look can be.

60 minutes – $125
90 minutes – $160


Lash Bath
Color Lashes
$30 per set/$20 per refill
Glitter Lashes
$39 per 6ct bundle
Eyelash Tinting
$20 each upper & lower
Henna Brow Tinting
Eyelash Extension Removal
Brow Shaping
Brow Tinting


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Everything You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions

Long, full, dramatic eyelashes are extremely desirable, which is why eyelash extensions have become the perfect solution for people looking to enhance their eyes.These extensions are not the same as the false eyelashes available at the local supermarkets and drugstores. Each lash is applied individually, not as a single unit that is designed to cover the entire lash line. At the Coco Lash Beauty Bar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, experienced lash artists perform custom-designed, eyelash-extension procedures.

Who Applies Eyelash Extensions?

According to regulations in the state of Louisiana, cosmetologists and estheticians are permitted to perform eyelash extension procedures. Ideally, the artist performing the procedure should have training in applying these eyelash extensions. At the Coco Lash Beauty Bar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, there is a team of certified lash artists who are dedicated to providing high-quality care to those interested in enhancing the look of their eyes. They accomplish this by creating each client custom-designed eyelash extensions.

The Importance of Choosing a Reputable Lash Artist

When it comes to eyelash extensions, choosing a cheap lash artist may result in lashes that are poorly applied, a loss of natural lashes and/or the development of an eye infection. For this reason, be sure to choose a reputable spa that has positive reviews and certified lash artists.

At the Coco Lash Beauty Bar, the certified lash stylists focus on each client’s natural lash health. If the natural lashes are sustaining damage or it seems that the natural lashes cannot withstand the weight of the extensions, adjustments are made. These recommended changes are always discussed with the client. If you have concerns related to your eyelash extension procedure, please feel free to make a consultation appointment so we can sit down and address all of your concerns. We want each of our clients to feel comfortable and confident about the procedures they are having done as well as the technicians performing them.

What to Look for in a Lash Artist

Before performing every eyelash extension procedure, the artist needs to wash his or her hands. Make sure that the pillow covers are sanitary, the technician wears a mask, uses eyelash brushes that are disposable and sterilizes the tweezers before starting the procedure. At the Coco Lash Beauty Bar, please feel free to ask the lash artist if each of these precautions have been taken.The Coco Lash Beauty Bar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana makes it a point to abide by all the rules, regulations and requirements as set forth by the FDA, OSHA and the EPA. Client health and safety remain the primary focus at the Coco Lash Beauty Bar.

At the Coco Lash Beauty Bar, One Eyelash Extension is Applied at a Time

Whereas, false eyelashes consist of a strip of temporary, fake lashes that adhere to the lash line using some type of glue or magnets, eyelash extensions are meticulously hand glued on top of the natural lashes.When these extensions are applied correctly, by an experienced lash technician, neither the extension nor the adhesive will touch the eyelid. If either does, irritation may result. Preventing this complication is one of the reasons finding an experienced lash artist to place eyelash extensions is essential.

The extensions used at the Coco Lash Beauty Bar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, are not considered ‘one-size-fits-all:’ Since these extensions arrive at the spa as single units, instead of in a long strip, Coco Lash Beauty lash artists can customize each client’s look. With proper care, these lashes will remain in place for up to six weeks. In time, they will fall out just like the natural lashes do.

What is in the Eyelash Adhesive?

Eyelash adhesive is the ‘glue’ used to attach the extensions to your eyelashes. When you call to make your appointment, ask what ingredients are in the lash adhesive. Try to find a technician who uses glue that does not contain formaldehyde. Adhesives containing this chemical are known to irritate the eye. Formaldehyde can cause itching, redness, irritation and swollen eyelids. While it may be a bit more expensive, find a spa using a glue that is made with otylcyanoacrylate and butylcyanocrylate instead of formaldehyde: Otylcyanoacrylate and butylcyanocrylate are less toxic to the area around the eye.

The Eyelash Extension Process

The eyelash extension process at the Coco Lash Beauty Bar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is quite relaxing and many clients find it enjoyable. This procedure takes an hour to an hour and a half. This process is completely customizable; therefore, be sure to tell the artist what you would like your lashes to look like before the procedure begins.

Eyelash-Extension Customization at Coco Lash Beauty Bar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

You may want thick lashes that rival the Kardashians;’ however, the natural lashes have to be able to support the weight of these extensions. So, whether this is possible depends on the strength and length of the natural lashes. If you wear lashes that are too thick or too long, you can damage your natural lashes.

There is no need to worry, your certified lash artist at Coco Beauty Bar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, will help you make the best decisions based on how you want your lashes to look and taking into consideration the strength and length of your natural lashes.

An experienced lash technician has the knowledge and artistic ability to take the shape of your face, your bone structure and your natural eyelashes into consideration while helping you customize the look of your lashes.

Instead of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ mentality, which can be seen in many of the strips of lashes sold commercially, eyelash extensions were created keeping each person’s individuality in mind. Customizing your extensions involves choosing the length, curl and material that your eyelash extensions will consist of.


Most spas offer extension lengths that range from 9 mm to 15 mm. Of course, the shorter are a more natural length; whereas, the longer can be compared to the length worn by the Kardashians. Most clients choose a length ranging from 10 mm to 12 mm.


Once you have decided on a length, it is time to choose your curl. If you want a more natural-looking ‘awake’ look, choose the ‘J’ curl. If you want something a bit more dramatic, then a ‘C’ curl may be for you. Do you love the cat-eye look? If so, ask for a ‘J’ curl on the inner corners and a ‘C’ curl on the outer edges.

Preparing for an Eyelash-Extension Appointment at Coco Lash Beauty Bar

Do not wear any makeup on your eyes (no eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara) when you are getting ready for your eyelash extension appointment. Make sure your skin is clean. If you have anything on your lashes or eyelids, it could affect how well your eyelash extensions turn out. The amount of time it takes for the adhesive to cure varies and depends on the type of adhesive used. Some adhesives need 12 hours and others need 24. Your eyelash stylist will You will need to keep your eyelashes dry for 24 hours after the extensions are applied.

The Eyelash-Extension Procedure

You will be asked to lie down on a comfortable bed and close your eyes.

As you lie there listening to calming music, your Eyelash Stylist carefully adheres select eyelash extensions to your natural lashes. The number of extensions used and their placement depends on how you want your lashes to look once the procedure is complete.

A More Natural-Looking Result

Once the procedure is complete, the results will not look like a lash strip is glued across the lid, instead, the lashes will look more natural. None of the lashes placed during an eyelash extension procedure are glued to the skin; instead, they are glued to the eyelashes themselves, which is why they are referred to as extensions. Since they are not attached to the lid, they look much more natural and are virtually undetectable.


When individuals care for their eyelash extensions properly, they can last up to six weeks. Those who want to maintain the full look achieved during their initial eyelash-extension procedure may need to return for a touch up every two to four weeks. Eyelash extensions last longer when the tips for properly caring for extensions are followed.

Once the extensions are in place, avoid touching the eyelashes: If it cannot be avoided, always move in an upward ‘sweeping’ motion – never move it back and forth.

Caring for Eyelash Extensions:

Eyelash Combing–extensions can become tangled during sleep or while showering; therefore, gently brushing the lashes every day with a clean spoolie brush upon waking, after showering and then again before bed is recommended.

  • Avoid Sleeping on Your Stomach–sleeping on the side or back instead of the stomach can prevent the eyelashes from tangling.
  • Consider Investing in a Silk Pillowcase–Purchase a silk pillowcase because this material tends to be gentler on eyelash extensions

Makeup Tips:

  • Mascara – extensions eliminate the need for mascara because these lashes give the illusion of having mascara on without the smudging and messy clumps frequently experienced when applying traditional mascara.

It is not recommended that traditional mascara be used on the eyelash extensions themselves: When removing mascara from extensions, the combination of the makeup remover and the friction placed on the lashes can cause breaks in the extensions. Furthermore, just the mascara itself leaves the extensions crusty, causing them to break off; however,for those who do want to wear mascara, only apply it to the ends of the natural lashes. Do not use waterproof mascara. There are water-based mascaras available that can safely be used on eyelash-extensions. These types of mascara wash off easily.

  • Eyeliner – when choosing an eyeliner, avoid those with cream-based formulas. Many times, these kinds of eyeliners consist of waxes and oils that break down the eyelash glue used when placing eyelash extensions. Placing a tiny wing of liquid liner just outside the eyelid will not affect the extensions. As long as the liner is not drawn along the lash line.
  • Eyeshadow – stay away from liquid-based eye products as these could damage the extensions.As long as the removal tips provided below are followed, oil-free eyeshadows are fine to use.

Removing Makeup

Once the eyelash extensions are in place, it is very important that care is taken during face washing. To ensure the extensions last as long as possible, only use cleansers that are specifically formulated for use with eyelash extensions: This is very important because other products may have ingredients that cause extensions to shed prematurely. This premature shedding is usually caused by a weakening of the bond between the adhesive and the lashes.

Use This Makeup Removal Technique to Prolong the Life of Eyelash Extensions

When most people remove their eye makeup, they use a back and forth technique, moving from side to side; however, this technique is not ideal for those with eyelash extensions. Instead, individuals with extensions should use an oil-free pad and gently wipe downward to clean the lashes and lids. Never tug or rub on the eyes. Use a cotton-swab for precision.

The importance of choosing an experienced lash artist:

Permanent damage to the natural eyelashes is possible, but highly unlikely as long as an experienced lash stylist performs the procedure. While there is not much evidence available that shows whether eyelash extensions affect the length or long-term health of the natural eyelashes, there is a small risk of developing a condition referred to as ‘traction alopecia.’Traction alopecia is characterized by the natural lashes falling out due to the constant weight of eyelash extensions. This condition takes years to develop and typically occurs due to the continued use of bad application methods and improper care, resulting in damage to the natural eyelashes. Traction alopecia can be prevented by choosing an experienced eyelash stylist who knows what needs to be done to keep the natural lashes healthy and ensure they remain intact once the extensions are removed, or begin to shed.

Obviously, whenever sharp objects are near the eye, caution must be used.

Since most of the adhesives that are used during an eyelash extension procedure are based on cyanoacrylate compounds, which release or contain small amounts of the toxic chemical formaldehyde, these adhesives can be dangerous. If the glue comes into contact with the eye or the eyelid, a chemical burn or allergic reaction may result. If the cornea or surface of the eyelid becomes compromised, infection is likely. Once infection sets in, scarring and permanent loss of vision are possible. In addition, if the water and oil glands located on the margin of the eye sustain damage, the volume of tears the eye produces can be reduced, leading the dry eye. Once again, this possibility stresses the importance of choosing an experienced, certified lash artist.

Pulling on the eyelash extensions can lead to the natural eyelashes falling out: Extensions should only be removed by a professional or be allowed to fall out on their own.

Is it Painful When the Eyelash Extensions Are Removed?

No, removing the extensions is as easy as having them applied. This service is available at most spas. However, individuals who would rather save the cash could just wait for the extensions to fall out on their own. They will shed with the natural lashes. Although the process is slower, it is free.

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